The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart
Good Dog by Dan Gemeinhart
Scar Island by Dan Gemeinhart
Some Kind of Courage by Dan Gemeinhart
The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart
The Midnight Children by Dan Gemeinhart
Once Upon a Friend by Dan Gemeinhart
Untitled Picture Book by Dan Gemeinhart
Coyote Ever After by Dan Gemeinhart
My Video Game Ate My Homework by Dusten Hansen
The Legend of the Dream Giants by Dusten Hansen
The Goblin's Puzzle: The Adventures of a Boy With No Name and Two Girls Called Alice by Andrew Chilton
Olivia Twisted by Vivi Barnes
Olivia Recoded by  Vivi Barnes
Paper or Plastic by Vivi Barnes
Proficy Girl by Cecily White
Conspiracy Boy by Cecily White
The Loudness by Nick Courage
I Do Not by Rhay Christou
My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris
Breathe for Me by Rhonda Helms
Federico and the Wolf by Rebecca Gomez


An Early by Any Other Name by Lauren Smith (2 book deal)
The Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall by Lauren Smith (3 book deal)
The Gilded Cuff by Lauren Smith
The Gilded Cage by Lauren Smith
The Gilded Chain by Lauren Smith
Soul Ink by J.C. Nelson
Free Agent by J. C. Nelson
Armageddon Rules by J.C. Nelson
Wish Bound by J.C. Nelson
The Reburialists by J.C. Nelson
Going Under by Jeffe Kennedy
Under his Touch by Jeffe Kennedy
Under Contract  by  Jeffe Kennedy
One Lesson by Lorelie Brown
Riding the Wave by Lorelie Brown
Ahead in the  Heat by Lorelie Brown
Where  There's Heat by  Rachel Harris
Rogue's Possession by Jeffe Kennedy
Rogue's Paradise by Jeffe Kennedy
Never Deal with Dragons  by  Lorenda Christensen
Dancing with Dragons   by  Lorenda Christensen
Til Dragons Do Us Part  by  Lorenda Christensen
The Mark of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy
The Tears of the Rose by Jeffe Kennedy
The Talon of the Hawk by Jeffe Kennedy
The Marquess of Cake by Heather Hiestand
League of Rogues Series by Lauren Smith
Love in London Series by Lauren Smith
Sins and Scandals Series by Lauren Smith