Our Agents

Pam Pho

She began her career as a literary assistant to an agent in 2012. In her first two years as an agent, Pam brokered 24 deals, with publishers such as Knopf, Scholastic, NAL, ACE, Grand Central, and others. She joined D4EO in June 2014, where she will continue to build her list.

In October of 2022 she created Steven Literary, named after her favorite soul-mate dog.

She has a passion for genre fiction as well as children's literature.

Pam is currently closed to queries as she gets all of her p's and q's in a row. When she does reopen you can query her via QueryManager.


Megan Manzano

Megan Manzano entered the publishing world around eight years ago with the goal of becoming an author. After a few short story publications and internships with indie fantasy publishers, she decided to shift gears and build a career in traditional publishing.

She worked as an assistant editor at an academic publishing house, before switching to marketing for Trade books. Both roles allowed her to see how a manuscript becomes a book, and what goes into a campaign to make a book successful. Taking these skills and her desire to work closely with authors, Megan later became a literary agent for kidlit and adult literary fiction at D4EO Literary, and now, Steven Literary.

She is on the hunt for middle grade, young adult, and adult literary fiction that burrows into her mind and doesn't let go. She loves stories with a strong voice, unforgettable characters, and a plot that keeps her flipping from page to page, eager to find out what’s next.

For a more in-depth look at what Megan is looking for, please visit her MSWL page.

Megan is currently closed to queries. When she does reopen, you can query her via QueryManager.