Our Agents

Pam Pho

Founder and Senior Agent

She began her career as a literary assistant to an agent in 2012. In her first two years as an agent, Pam brokered 24 deals, with publishers such as Knopf, Scholastic, NAL, ACE, Grand Central, and others. She joined D4EO in June 2014, where she will continue to build her list.

In October of 2022 she created Steven Literary, named after her favorite soul-mate dog. 

She has a passion for genre fiction as well as children's literature.

Pam is currently open to queries. Genres accepted are listed on QueryManager. When she does reopen you can query her via QueryManager.


Leah Moss

Associate Agent

Leah Moss graduated from Lake Forest College in 2020, where she studied Creative Writing, Publishing, and Digital Media Design. A lifelong reader, she's spent the past few years working at libraries and has always dreamed of working in the book publishing industry. When she isn't being a professional bookworm, Leah can probably be found playing her harp or tending to her Stardew Valley farm.

Leah is currently closed to queries. When she reopens in January 2024, you can view her manuscript wishlist on her website, and can query her via QueryManager.

Cardigan Hollis Gray

Assistant Agent

After finding a way to combine their history in sales with their love of literature, Cardigan began pursuing a career in publishing in 2022 and has since built a small, supportive community of authors at all levels and places in the industry and plans to continue making way for marginalized voices and their stories. When not scouring the inbox for beautiful work by underrepresented authors, Cardigan can be found devouring disaster characters, repeatedly watching TikTok edits, or sitting at a coffee shop lamenting the fact that they forgot their headphones—again.